Samui International Jazz Music Festival 2012

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Roos Jonker



While attending the jazz department of the Amsterdam Conservatory, Roos Jonker developed in the world of traditional jazz and improvisation. But at the same time she exposed herself as someone willing to go down uncharted paths in the making of very personal music. Part of the Dox Family, Roos composes intuitively and without concessions. "You have to make music as if you are living on an uninhabited island."

As one listens to her debut album Mmmmm, one hears a combination of different styles: jazz, hiphop, pop, etc. ‘As soon as I’ve made a beat and hear a few fitting chords, I pick up my guitar to make a melody.’ Her unique songs also arise from much improvising and trying many different instruments in the search for that perfect sound — whatever that may be. Her texts are personal, imaginative, light-footed and layered in meaning. Roos does it all: sings, plays piano, guitar, harp and saxophone and produces her own beats. For this CD she also collaborated with befriended musicians such as guitarist Rory Ronde, saxophonist Benjamin Herman and even her mother. As a singersongwriterproducer, she actually stays in her living room to record while being surrounded by her piano, harp, laptop, plants, clean laundry and endless cups of tea. Staying stubborn but focused.

For her debut album, Roos also involved herself in the design, presentation and choice of photographers, designers and copywriters — everything had to serve her own singular style. And the total package is very special indeed: from dreamy to confrontational, sweet to cool, small to big, acoustic to heavy. Each song is an independent artwork that begins subtly before forming into a full story.

Another example of her collaborations was with the video for the song ‘Shoes and Booze’. Watch the ‘making of’ here:

So where should this album be filed? "Maybe just under the “R” of Roos,’ says Jonker, as she sends her songs into the world without a care for the critics. ‘Of course it’s exciting what others will think of it, but the most important thing is that I like it.’

On 28 May, her Mmmmm will finally see the light when it is released in the Netherlands. A few days later on 2 June the album will released in Japan complete with bonus track.

Roos Jonker and her band will be touring extensively this summer and autumn to promote her album.

Did you know?

• As member of the Dox Family, Roos Jonker has already performed live extensively with other Dox artists during, for example, North Sea Jazz and the Dox Family Nights.
• Roos Jonker was one of the musicians that collaborated on the We’ll Make It Right album that appeared via the In A Cabin With project (featuring, among others, Benny Sings, Bart Suer, Dean Tippet, Bo Koek and Les Frog).
• Roos Jonker’s voice can be hear in this commercial for Nescafe:

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