Samui International Jazz Music Festival 2012

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Eddie C.

He is a very talented singer, one of the best percussionists in Europe, a very creative composer and renowned musical innovator.

Eddie’s interest in sounds and rhythms started at a very young age. Actually it all started with playing on the bottom of a metal bucket, listening to music in the basement at his parents’ home in Gary, Indiana.

A student exchange brought Eddie in 1975 to Holland, where he remains and works till today. His first public performance was in the local Dutch bands from the Rotterdam area. After that performances with artists like Joe Borne who also came from the U.S.A. Eddie began to branch out as a top studio musician and producer. Eventually Eddie started producing artists like Daniel Sahuleka with the album "Sunbeam". This album was given the prestigious Dutch Edison award.

As a percussionist and sideman Eddie C became more famous in and out of Holland. International artists contracted him for their European tours. Artists like Gino Vannelli, Chaka Khan, Eros Ramozzotti, the late Timi Yuro, Wall Street Crash, Madeline Bell and Soul Sister, in a European tour with Sting just to name a few. In Holland he was the session- percussionist on records and live with many Dutch artists like Kane, René Froger, Rosenberg Trio, Laura Figy, Candy Dulfer, Lee Towers and Rob de Nijs. Eddie also performed with the Dutch dj’s Marcello and Remy for the Barclay Dance Blend, organized by TMF.

His specific voice combined with his American accent can also be heard in several radio and tv commercials. He also did the Dutch voice over of Clifford, the naughty purple Muppet with dreadlocks, in the movie Muppets in Space.

Musical wise Eddie had a few hit singles. The theme from the movie Shaft brought him to number 11 in the English hit charts. As a member of the duo Phil & Company, brought him a number 1 hit in Denmark. After that there were a few minor hits such as Soul cha, cha and You are unique.

In 2000 his debut cd Take me as I am, was released. The cd Human Element from The Eddie C. Super Band was released in 2003.

Eddie C is also a strong bandleader and lead vocalist as he has proven over the years with his own bands on festivals throughout Europe, be it with his band "Eddie C Superband" or smaller combinations like "Soulful" and "Primrose Path". Music with art are also a passion for Eddie as he is the co- producer with projects such as “Art Beats” a combination of music and live art. Eddie is not only a percussionist, singer, songwriter and producer but also a music guru in various music workshops as described by his colleagues. These workshops can also be used for team building events which can be tailored to fit your needs or theme. Eddie C. is known as a gentlemen entertainer and inspiration for many artists young and old with his multiple faces and many skills.

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