Samui International Jazz Music Festival 2012

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Alexander Beets



Alexander started his musical education by his mother at the age of six not only on the piano, but some time later also on the clarinet, the last instrument causing her some trouble. This notwithstanding he proved an apt pupil and private tuition was soon initiated. After switching from clarinet to tenor-saxophone it became obvious, that his main interest was definitely not the piano.

With his brothers he started playing jazz and soon thereafter was performing on many different stages with them on a relatively large scale. With his extremely lyric tone-picture he proved to be able to enchant his audiences ever more.

Contrary to his elder and younger brother Alexander, after finishing high-school, did not enrol in a conservatory, but took up a study in organizational-management, at first at bachelor-level and finishing off with a masters-degree. All the time however he kept on playing with tremendous success. He recorded with other famous tenor players as Hans Dulfer, Houston Person and Ronnie Cuber.

With his masters-degree in organizational management besides being one of Holland's most sought-after saxophone-players he is pre-eminently suited to teach music-management at university-level. Apart from that he conducts courses and seminars in international artist-management, with renowned speakers from all over the world, just recently India and Brazil.

He runs his own music agency, Maxanter Muziekproducties, leading booking-office for jazz and together with his brother Marius he owns a record-company with about thirty releases per year. Although he can hardly find the time to play he aims to curtail his activities so that he can be on stage with his beloved saxophone more often.

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