Samui International Jazz Music Festival 2012

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Marius Beets



Double-Bass player Marius Beets started his musical upbringing at the age of six on the piano. Shortly thereafter he furthermore began acquiring proficiency on the guitar, at first the acoustic variant, later on the electric guitar and the bass-guitar. He still is an accomplished pianist, an indispensable proviso for his composing- and orchestrating-work.

Marius is a much-belauded musician in the international scene. This is undoubtedly the result of his many concerts with the Beets Brothers and many other jazz-formations, as well as his way of playing. That is dubbed by his fellow-musicians as “rock-steady”. It is extremely stable with a masterly timing. It comes as no surprise his contribution can be heard on an imposing number of albums.

He shared the stage with jazz-celebreties as f.i. Teddy Edwards, James Moody, Bud Shank, Johnny Griffin, Herb Geller, George Coleman and many others. With famous drummer Jeff Hamilton as well as with Jiggs Wigham and recently Ronnie Cuber Marius recorded cd’s.

Marius is much asked for by Hollands’ First Lady of Jazz Rita Reys. This is not only in virtue of his outstanding musical qualities, but also of the way he knows how to lay the foundation for an unshakable rhythm-section. Furthermore he participated in cross-over projects with classical orchestras as The Schönberg Ensemble, Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam and the Brabants Orkest. Besides playing double-bass he is also a recognized composer and arranger and also a sound-engineer with his own recording-studio.