Samui International Jazz Music Festival 2012

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Bangkok City of Jazz: 16 – 17 September 2011



For professional, jazz-lovers and the curious:

Friday the 16th of September will be the start of a new music event in Bangkok:

Bangkok City of Jazz – With more then 15 concerts in the city of Bangkok, a jazz conference and various workshops.

Most will take place in the BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Center). During the conference the focus will be on connecting the European and Asian jazz networks. A large delegation of professionals from the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Spain will attend the conference. From Asia the organisation expects professionals from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

This event is initiated through the International Jazz Festival Alliance Foundation, which has the goal to connect jazz networks worldwide for mutual benefits. Jazz is universal and timeless and you will find appreciators all over the world. The IJFAF wants to connect jazz festivals, clubs, organizations, musicians, sponsors, governments and NGO’s. The central aim is to use jazz festivals as a non-profit tool to face new global challenges, city marketing, art appreciation, talent development, music development, cultural appreciation and tourism.

For more information, program and locations please have a look:


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